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The Problem

A procedure I noticed at a tech retail store was an outdated stock logging system; All high-risk stock (stored in either the stockroom, locked offices or stock cages) was required to be signed out on a clipboard hanging at each location. The item SKU, serial/IMEI, date, time, and team member name had to be recorded with pen on paper. This method was inefficient, and meant longer wait times for customers which affected their shopping experience in store.

The Solution

A stock management/logging system that could be used on the store's PDTs, wherein the team members could utilise the scanner on the device to record the product barcode and serial/IMEI, through which it would scrape the company website to obtain the product's SKU, and automatically log the time, date, and team member retrieving the product. With this data, stores can easily track movements of stock in and out of their secured locations and generate reports in the same format that had been used previously.

Technologies Used

ReactJS, Node.js, MongoDB (or was it postgreSQL)